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The Ultimate Universe is/was a total conversion modification of the PC Game, Star Trek: Legacy (released in Late 2006).

Please note that this does not represent (yet) the full extent of the mod. This site will, when time permits, contain credits and readmes for the many great talents involved in the making of the mod.

As of 28 Jan. 2018, Time is not permitting, lol.

For now, go here to download the mod.

Here’s something cool. One of the writers of the story in Star Trek: Legacy was Derek Chester. Our own Mindwipe interviewed him.
Here is that Interview.(Click) For now, audio only. ***1

YOU WILL LOVE THIS TIDBIT FROM DECEMBER 2007: We were in our glory with thousands of Mod downloads talking about the great year of modding we just had, and our various gaming servers. Myself, Mindwipe, Victor 1st, … CLICK! ***1

(Click for the BIG Picture)

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Chris Jones Talks Star Trek, Star Trek Gaming, and other stuff, on The Elite Force Podcast

May 27, 2010 Chris and ‘Walkie’ Walker talk Star Trek TOS Movies -CLICK!
June 3, 2010 Chris and ‘Walkie’ Walker talk Star Trek TNG Movies -CLICK!

Sept. 29, 2010 Reunion: Part one -CLICK! (Star Trek Gaming Talk)
October 2, 2010 Reunion: Part Two -CLICK! (Star Trek Gaming Talk)

December 31, 2010 New Year’s Eve Party – With the Year 2010 Coming to a End The Elite Force has a New Years Party as Walkie is Joined by Chris Jones from The Chris Jones Gaming Network as They Take a Look Into the Past Year. We look into some of the many moments of 2010 that were a part of a Great Year for the Elite Force Podcast. Hear a Behind The Scenes Look into the Elite Force Podcast From the 2008 and 2010 Seasons as you Hear what Madness and Mayhem that Walkie and Mindwipe can put Together and also – Some Remix Music From Mindwipe

December 9, 2012 Chris, Walkie, and Mindwipe talk Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’ -CLICK!


Classic UUM Video from 2008, produced by Mindwipe

Note: The domain of ‘‘ hosted a lot of our media back then). GUTV, as we called it then, hosted many videos and podcasts relating to The Ultimate Universe. I am keeping the ‘GUTV’ domain alive for that, and other reasons. You may see references to that domain here and there.

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