The Ultimate Universe

This site is being worked over as time permits. Stay Tuned.

The Ultimate Universe is/was a total conversion modification of the PC Game, Star Trek: Legacy (released in Late 2006).

For now, go here to download the mod.

Here’s something cool. One of the writers of the story in Star Trek: Legacy was Derek Chester. Our own Mindwipe interviewed him.
Here is that Interview.(Click) For now, audio only. ***1

YOU WILL LOVE THIS TIDBIT FROM DECEMBER 2007: We were in our glory with thousands of Mod downloads talking about the great year of modding we just had, and our various gaming servers. Myself, Mindwipe, Victor 1st, … CLICK! ***1

(Click for the BIG Picture)
Legacy1 2010-10-13 20-35-47-54


Classic UUM Video from 2008, produced by Mindwipe

Note: The domain of ‘‘ hosted a lot of our media back then). GUTV, as we called it then, hosted many videos and podcasts relating to The Ultimate Universe. I am keeping the ‘GUTV’ domain alive for that, and other reasons. You may see references to that domain here and there.

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